about Jacquée T.

Jacquée T. is the authoress of A Poet’s Moon, and poetess of Growing Up: (the pain, the joy, the discoveries).

“Three things are as much a part of my identity as my name,” she says, “Woman, writer, and romantic.”

She has written stories since she was old enough to put pencil to paper. She embraces her femininity. That’s why she refers to herself as an authoress and poetess. “I am a woman writer.”

Part of loving being a woman is loving men, she says – the good ones, the ones who know how to treat a lady right, whether they’re passers-by, friends, family, or darlings. She refers to these men as gentlemen, or gents.

Miss T. was an actress in scripted theatre and an improvisationalist for Ark Repertory Theatre in Madison Wisconsin. Her predecessors there include Joan Cusack, Bill Cusack and Chris Farley.

She loves a good pour of wine, needs to dance, and needs to write.

She founded Detour Productions, LLC to publish her novels, short stories, poems and narratives. And to share that “romance is accessible,” and ways to access it through her e-zine, and through events she hosts.

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